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Find the Right Putative Marriage Lawyer

Putative Marriage Lawyers

The best lawyer to hire regarding any family court matter is a child or marriage lawyer. A marriage lawyer will be more aware of any legal family rights that one may have than any other type of lawyer. Any marriage questions that one has are best answered by a marriage lawyer. A marriage lawyer is aware of what the consequences of being in a putative marriage will be.

To find a marriage lawyer who is experienced in putative marriages, one could try checking their local phone book or doing a Internet search. Divorce is very common and there are many lawyers that are experienced enough to handle a divorce case. Putative marriage tends to be a more complicated matter.

If one seeks a marriage lawyer to help them in dissolving their putative marriage, it is likely that the lawyer will petition the courts to seek an annulment rather than a standard divorce. In rare cases, divorce proceedings may be needed to separate legally, but usually an annulment will be granted without divorce proceedings. It is the job of the marriage lawyer to look out for the client's best interests.

If the putative marriage has been a long one, then it is common for the putative spouse to seek alimony and a division of assets. An individual can still be entitled to these things if they are awarded an annulment.

If one wishes to dissolve their putative marriage, they should request a consultation with an experienced family lawyer so that they can ask any divorce or marriage questions they have. State law varies in terms of rules and regulations when it comes to handling putative marriages. Most states do have laws set up to protect the putative spouse, since they are considered to be the innocent party. An experienced marriage lawyer should be able to answer any questions that the putative spouse has about the process of ending the union.

If an individual has any doubts about what to do following the realization that they are in a putative marriage, then they should consult with a marriage lawyer immediately. Some putative spouses may be entitled to the same financial support that any other individual getting a divorce may be entitled to.

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