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Can A Prenuptial Kill a Marriage?

Contradicts Purpose Of Marriage

Traditionally, couples entered into marriage with the intent that the union would last throughout their lifetimes. In fact, many include the phrase, "until death do us part" in their wedding vows. Many people are against divorce.

Many couples also believe that prenuptial agreements can put their marriage in jeopardy. For example, they may think that by planning for a divorce, the event is more likely to occur. If they have a prenuptial agreement in place, they know what to expect in the event of a divorce. While some couples find that comforting, some find it to be disheartening. Many people claim that the implicationsoppose prenuptials, claiming that these agreements can put a marriage in jeopardy.

In fact, there are those that believe discussions about what will happen in the event of a divorce, make couples comfortable and accepting of the idea of ending their marriage before it has even begun. In other words, people believe that planning for an event, makes it occur eventually. In this case, people assume that prenuptials assure that a couple will divorce.

In fact, the opposite is true. Prenuptial agreements tend to bring couples closer together because they have openly discussed what they expect from each other. In reality, couples that discuss prenuptials, have begun honest and open discussions regarding their beliefs about marriage and what it entails.

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