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Why Is Polygamy Illegal?


Polygamy is the act of having simultaneous multiple relationships or married partners. Polygamy is considered illegal in many countries because it is viewed as an immoral act against women. A polygamist is viewed as a chauvinistic character that treats women unjustly.

The laws regarding polygamy related to the historical traditions of an area or country. The majority of Christian denominations forbid all forms of multiple relationships, because they view the sanctity of marriage as a holy sacrament, and something that should not be infringed upon.

The role of religion in polygamy is crucial, but should not be overstated, for gender roles and societal interpretations also play a huge role in forbidding the act. Although religion plays a strong part in the outlawing of the act, the prohibition of a polygamist is also broadly based on a societal standard.

Another credible reason for the widespread prohibition of the act is based on public good. Polygamy invariably results in lowering the status of a woman and subsequently intensifies discriminatory actions.

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