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How to change your name after marriage?

How To Change Your Name After Marriage

After a couple gets married, often a name change will happen. Generally, a name change after marriage is a quick an easy process. The process of changing name after marriage begins with ordering extra copies of the marriage certificate. This will be especially beneficial to certain agencies, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, which require specific documents in order to change names.

Marriage name change is an important process which allows for a person to keep their identity, therefore it is important to contact necessary governmental agencies, such as the Social Security Administration, as well as local government agencies. Some important things to cover when changing name after marriage is updating all finical records, credit cards, any identification cards, passports, and of course drivers license.

Changing name after marriage can be a simple process as long as the proper steps are taken. When obtaining a marriage license, the name change after marriage will be completed with the proof of your marriage. To understand the full steps and requirements needed by your town and state, visit your local and state government.

Often when changing a last name after marriage, a person will need to obtain proof of the marriage. This can be done through any local court house. After the court does approve and provide proof of the marriage, the name will then be changed over.

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