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Is Your Marriage License Necessary?

Marriage License Purpose

A marriage license has many purposes. First, couples must obtain a marriage license in order to become legally married. In order to receive a marriage license copy, couples must adhere to all restrictions in place through their state's marriage laws.

This helps state's to avoid legal recognition of any marriage that does not adhere to legal restrictions and requirements for couples wishing to get married. Once it has been decided that a couple is legally entitled to be married, they will receive a marriage license copy.

That copy is proof of their ability to be legally married and that they have waited the prerequisite time. In fact, most individuals will not marry a couple in the absence of that license and if they do, the marriage will not be legally recognized by any state of federal government agency.

In addition, marriage license records are often utilized for many other purposes, including proof of the relationship if it becomes necessary. Those circumstance include legal name changes for spouse's and proof of eligibility for benefits conferred onto married couples. In fact, some individuals are required to provide proof of marriage to receive death benefits, family health insurance and tax breaks.

Marriage license records include a marriage license copy that is signed by both spouses and also witnessed and signed by another individual over the age of eighteen. In some cases, marriage license records are the only proof that a marriage took place. In addition to the marriage license copy, marriage license records will also include a certificate of marriage after the wedding has taken place.

These records can be utilized for several purposes. Generally, a wife changes her name to match that of her spouse after the marriage has taken place. In order for the name change to be legally granted, the courts generally require proof that the couple is indeed married. Couples also utilize these records to obtain benefits that are only granted to married couples.

Those rights include family memberships to certain organizations, visitation rights in hospitals and prisons, and the right to make medical decisions on behalf of their spouse. In addition, marriage license records can allow spouse to prove their right to plan a funeral and to inheritance in the absence of a will. In addition, marriage license records are often utilized to complete family trees when individuals wish to learn more about heir family history. It is very easy to obtain a marriage license copy from local court houses or from family research websites available online.

Like many public records, marriage license records can serve many purposes. First, they are proof that a legally recognized marriage took place at a specific date and time. That proof is often required for couples to obtain certain rights and responsibilities that are unique to marriage.

In addition, public records are often utilized to complete family history research. That research can be vital to some individuals, such as adopted individuals seeking family medical history. In any case, records are utilized as proof that a legally recognised marriage took place between two specific individuals.

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