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All About the Marriage License Application


In order to obtain a marriage license application, couples must request the necessary documentation at their local courthouse or on some state sponsored websites. If couples reside in different areas, they should apply for marriages licenses at the courthouse in the town that they wish to be married. If they live far from that courthouse, some couples can apply for their license online or through the mail. However, they will only be granted the license once they present proof of all of the facts in the application.

In general, a marriage license application includes similar information in most states. The requirements are also generally the same for both the potential bride and the potential groom. First, individuals that apply for marriage licenses, must fill in first, middle and last names, utilizing only their legally given name.

They are also required to fill in their age, and provide proof of that information, including a drivers license and birth certificate that can be utilized to prove both name and birth date. Generally, states request that couples disclose their race in order to keep accurate statistics on marriage trends within the state and throughout the country. In addition, couples are required to list their legal address and provide proof of that address, such as a utility bill or lease.

That address can be important in states that have residency requirements for couples to apply for marriage licenses. Individuals must also disclose their place of birth, which does not have to be within the United States as there are no citizenship requirements for couples filling out a marriage license application. In addition, individuals will be asked to list their parent's name and birth place on their marriage license application.

They will also need to list their mother's maiden name if it is different form her current surname. An obvious requirement for couples that apply for marriage licenses is proof that they are not currently married to anyone else. Each individual will be asked to list their marital status and number of previous marriages.

If any previous marriages are listed on their marriage license certificate, they will be asked to provide details of how the marriage ended and when, including exact dates that the marriage contract was terminated. In addition, couples will be required to know basic information such as individual's social security numbers, if applicable.

In order to apply for marriage licenses, couples should be sure that they have all information needed before they begin the process. While each state may require slightly different information for specific marriage licenses applications, the information is fairly standard. However, couples should always check to see what information and documentation will be necessary for them to complete their application. In this way, couples can avoid a delay in being granted their marriage license.

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