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Marriage Certificate Minnesota

Marriage Certificate Minnesota

How to Apply for a Marriage Certificate in Minnesota

No one wants to be burdened by legalities when dealing with a marriage in Minnesota. The fact is, though, as long as you’re prepared for a marriage certificate in MN, it should be as easy as pie.

It’s important to know that wherever you plan on getting married is where you’ll file for that certificate. Simply visit the county courthouse where public documents are filed, and then you go from there.

The Requirements for Filing for a Marriage Certificate in Minnesota

Requirements for a marriage certificate in MN may vary from county to county, but expect the norm for a lot of these:

1. You Do Not Have to Be a Resident to Apply for a Marriage Certificate in Minnesota

2. Valid ID and Social Security Numbers for Marriage Certificates in Minnesota

3. If Previously Married, Be Sure to Provide Proof of Divorce, Death, or Annulment

4. Expect a Waiting Period on Your Marriage Certificate in Minnesota – 5 Days

5. $110 Cash Fee for Those With No Written Proof of Premarital Education

6. $40 Cash Fee for Those With Written Proof of Premarital Education, Minimum 12 Hours

7. No Blood Test Is Required for Marriages Certificates in Minnesota

8. If 16 or 17 Years Old, You Must Have Parental Consent or Court Approval

9. Valid Officiant Must Be Presented in Writing for a Marriage Certificate in MN

a) Judge

b) Clerk of Court

c) Court Commissioner

d) Licensed Minister, Priest, Rabbi

e) Bahai

f) Hindu

g) Quaker

h) Native American Religious Person

i) You Will Need Two Witnesses

j) Both Witnesses Need to Be at Least 16 Years of Age

Details on the Requirements for a Marriage Certificate in Minnesota

The reason why you don’t need to be a resident is that the marriage certificate in MN will only be filed in the county where the marriage took place. You can actually legally get married anywhere! You don’t need to be physically living in the place you get married in.

For the purposes of legality, you need to make sure you have both SSN’s – yours and your spouse’s – along with valid ID with photos. So there’s no question that the two of you will legally be married and legally able to obtain a marriage certificate in MN.

The same goes for proof that you’ve been divorced or annulled. Marriage certificates in Minnesota will be legally null and void if one or both parties would still be legally married from a previous relationship. So be sure you have all of that legal evidence in hand.

For purposes of document processing, marriage certificates in Minnesota has that waiting period for 5 days. It’s important that everyone keep them legal and wait until marriage certificates in Minnesota show up at your door before physically get married – or else the act of marriage in the ceremony would be considered null and void.

Having cash with you is crucial for marriage certificates in Minnesota. It’s practically a requirement in the county office there.

That’s All You Need to Know

The reality is it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Think of it this way: it’s for the sake of your coming marriage! So treat it as a rite of passage.

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