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Let Everyone Know About Your Wedding With Invitations


There are many preparations necessary for any couple that has decided to get married. After the couple has selected a location and date, they generally compile a guest list based on how many people they plan to invite. In many cases, the number of guests is dictated by the size of the reception location. In addition, the size of the wedding greatly influences the cost and therefore, each couple's guest list size can vary greatly.

For some couples, the guest list includes only close family and friends. For other couples, the list includes large numbers of people, including work associates past and present. No matter what the size of the guest list, couples will need to send out wedding invitations. In many cases, couples will first send out a "save the date" postcard in order to alert guests to the wedding date in advance. Choosing the wedding invitation is a decision based on several factors.

A wedding invitation will generally list the specific details of the wedding. Wedding invitations include the brides and grooms name, as well as the names of the parents involved in the wedding. The wedding invitation will also list the date, time and location of both the wedding and the reception. In addition, wedding invitations often list hotels in the area, for guests that are traveling in order to attend the event. Included in that, is often directions to all venues that guests will need to locate.

Many times, a wedding invitation will say how formal the event is. For example, a wedding invitation may specify that the event is black tie. If however, the invitation does not specify, it is generally assumed that the event will be formal. Many wedding invitations now offer guests a choice for food selection for the reception. Many times, a wedding invitation will have a slip of paper which allows guests to indicate their food choice, as well as whether they will be bringing a guest to the reception.

In addition, a wedding invitation may list where a couple is registered for gifts so that guests can make a choice based on what the couple needs to complete their new home. Proper etiquette dictates that guests return their RSVP as soon as possible. In addition, etiquette dictates that the bride and groom mail their invitations rather than hand deliver them. Currently, most wedding invitations include various papers that include many pieces of information whereas in the past, they were simply just a card with basic information.

Couples generally choose their wedding invitation based on preference. First, they must be sure that there is enough room to list all pertinent information. In addition, couples will want the invitation to match the formality of the wedding. For simple weddings, couples will likely choose a simple invitation. Formal and fancy invitations can be quite expensive. Couples also select the design and colors that will be on their wedding invitation. The most important detail of any invitation, is that it includes all pertinent information in a clear and concise manner.

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