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Gay Marriage Laws in Utah


In Utah, marriage is strictly defined as a union between one man and one woman. In fact, the state does not recognize any legal rights regarding any same sex relationships. In addition to the Defense of Marriage Act, Utah passed constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. In many states, the constitutionality of banning gay marriage is being challenged in the courts.

Many claim that such a ban is a violation of an individual's constitutional rights. In Utah, gay marriage is explicitly forbidden by the law's of the state. By banning gay marriage, the state violates individual rights on several fronts. First, the state is preventing couples access to their right to marry. In addition, the couples are not entitled to the rights and responsibilities acquired through marriage. In Utah, gay couples cannot receive any rights or responsibilities that relate to their relationship.

In Utah, marriage is currently viewed as a unique relationship between a man and a woman. However, in 2005, a bill was introduced that would have allowed same sex couples to enter into a reciprocal benefits agreement in Utah. Gay couples would have been able to enter into an agreement that would have offered them some of the legal benefits of marriage. However, the bill was defeated by the Senate.

In Utah, marriage is currently only allowed for a couple that consists of one man and one woman. In addition, same sex couples have no access to any legal recognition of their relationship. Because of the lack of legal recognition, couples have no protection granted for the rights that should be afforded to any couple in Utah. Gay rights advocates state that the rights of marriage include things such as inheritance, shared property, and the right to make health car decisions for partners. In Utah, gay couples are unable to enjoy any of those rights.

In Utah, gay marriage is prohibited. In addition, there is no legal recognition afforded to same sex relationships in any form. Same sex couples have no legal recourse if a partner should die, or if the couple should separate. It can be very difficult for a partner to prove ownership of property or assets, if there is no written documentation.

In addition, no written documentation pertaining to their relationship will be legally allowed and therefore, an individual will have no proof of ownership. In Utah, marriage is the only legally enforceable relationship contract. In fact, in Utah, Marriage is considered a sacrament of the church and the church does not condone same sex relationships. The separation of church and state, is seriously lacking in the marriage law's of Utah.

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