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Gay Marriage Laws in Idaho


In Idaho, gay rights are severely lacking. In fact, those for gay marriage have encounter a large opposition form the population. Like many states, Idaho has a Defense of Marriage Act. The Act defines marriage as a union between opposite sex partners. In addition, the state banned same sex marriage in 2006. In fact, the Amendment passed with over 70 percent of votes. In Idaho, gay marriage was banned, thereby forbidding many rights for same sex couples. The Amendment banned same sex marriage as well as any legal recognition for any types of relationships between same sex individuals.

The Defense of marriage Act has been approved by many states. By defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, states effectively forbid gay marriage. However, many states have also begun to pass laws that strictly forbid gay marriage in addition to the Defense of Marriage Act. Those that are for gay marriage, believe that these Acts are unconstitutional and prevent individuals from having equal rights. By preventing access to equal rights, states are discriminating against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In Idaho, gay couples have no rights regarding their relationship. For example, one partner may not make any decisions regarding the health care of the other partner. In fact, they may not even have hospital visitation rights because they are not related. In addition, same sex couples have no rights regarding property or inheritance. Those that are for gay marriage, believe that laws that forbid gay marriage, are unconstitutional because they prevent couples from attaining rights that afforded to other couples.

In Idaho, gay marriage was banned by an overwhelming percentage of the population. Those for gay marriage, encountered a large opposition. In fact, individuals for gay marriage are not likely to see any change in the immediate future. In Idaho, gay rights have been taken away because of the LGBT communities inability to have their relationship legally recognized in any form.

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