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Gay Marriage Laws in Connecticut


The nationwide gay marriage debate was partially answered by a civil union law passed in 2005, in Connecticut. Gay marriage issues were highly publicized at that time and Connecticut became the second state in the nation to adopt and legally recognize civil unions and the legal rights granted to the couple. In fact, Connecticut would later allow LGBT couples the same rights and responsibilities of marriage by legally recognizing gay marriage.

Connecticut was only the third state to legally recognize gay marriage. Debates continue as to the language used to describe unions and marriages. In fact, California, which had once recognized gay marriage, has since made it illegal and currently only allows for the legal recognition of domestic partnerships. Regardless of the language used, LGBT couples in Connecticut are now entitled to the same benefits as married opposite sex couples.

After Connecticut legally accepted civil unions in 2005, the gay marriage debate continued in that state and nationwide. In 2006, a judge ruled that civil unions provided rights and protections similar to marriage and failed to legally recognize gay marriage in Connecticut. In essence, it was ruled that banning gay marriage, did not violate any individual rights as granted by the state of Connecticut.

The court ruled that civil unions were the only legally necessary allowance for LGBT couples. Civil unions were meant to be similar to marriage, without being exactly the same. Yet, the LGBT community disagreed and the debate continued in Connecticut. Gay couples wanted their unions to be officially recognized as marriages. LGBT couples wanted equal rights across the board, including the right to enter into a marriage.

The debate continued and civil unions remained the only legally recognized partnerships for those in the LGBT community. However, the courts later decided that gay marriage was legal in Connecticut. Gay marriage is currently only legal in only a few states.

The Connecticut State Supreme Court ruled that LGBT couples were entitled to equal protection and rights by the states constitution. In fact, Kerrigan V. Commissioner of Public Health was decided in 2008, and made gay marriage legal in Connecticut. Gay marriage is currently legal in Connecticut and couples enjoy all of the rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage.

In fact, all civil unions in Connecticut will be recognized as marriages as of late 2010. The gay marriage debate has been answered, at least in Connecticut. Gay marriage debates continue in many states. However, every time a positive action is taken toward equal rights, opposition shrinks and the possibility of equality becomes closer at hand.

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