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Issues About Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage Blurb

Same sex marriage rights have been a very controversial issue in both political and religious circles. While same sex marriage is seen in early history, the debate for gay marriage rights has become a very heated debate. Same sex marriages were first legalized in the Netherlands and Massachusetts was the first US state to allow for legally legally recognized same sex marriages.

In fact, less than ten countries or US states recognize same sex marriage. Many religious leaders continue to speak out in staunch opposition to conferring marriage rights to same sex couples. In fact the Catholic church is still very much opposed to same sex marriages. In addition, conservatives are opponents of defining same sex relationships as marriages. However, Democrats generally support same sex marriages, domestic partnerships or civil unions.

Many opponents of gay marriage are also against same sex couples raising children. In fact, the opposition generally quotes outdated studies that show detrimental effects on children raised by same sex couples. However, recent studies suggest that children raised by same sex couples, are likely to grow up to be well adjusted and happy individuals. The opposition to LGBT rights, can be extremely detrimental to individuals and to society as a whole.

For instance, same sex couples that are not able to wed, are more likely to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, depression and suicidal tendencies. In contrast, same sex couples that are able to wed, enjoy better over all health and well being and are able to contribute to society in a productive manner.

The debate about same sex marriage rights, has greatly effected the political and social climate in this country. In fact, members of the LGBT community have become extremely active in political forums. Many politicians have declined to offer opinions on allowing or prohibiting gay marriage or adoption. In fact, politicians often fail to take a stance on the subject because of the attached controversy.

However, states like Florida have explicitly denied gay adoption rights, in part because same sex couples are legally forbidden from marrying in the state. Again, studies suggest that children raised by same sex couples, become productive members of society and suffer no ill effects from being raised by same sex couples. In America, around sixty percent of citizens are supportive of some type of legal recognition of the relationship between same sex couples.

In general however, many people believe that marriage should continue to be defined as a unique union of one man and one woman. However, most people believe that couples in domestic partnerships or civil unions, should be entitled to the same rights and responsibilities generally conferred on marriages. In fact, trends suggest much greater support for the rights of the LGBT community, including the ability to criminally prosecute individuals that commit hate crimes against people based on sexual orientation or gender association. However, transsexuals and transgender individuals are currently offered the least protection from discrimination and hate crimes. In fact, most states offer no legal recourse for such actions.

Yet, many transsexuals and transgender individuals have been able to get married, due to loopholes in laws that do not state at which point an individual must be of a certain gender. Lawmakers have begun to address issue of discrimination, hate crimes and rights for the LGBT community, including the right to have their relationship legally recognized.

Some states have recently legalized same sex weddings in addition to passing hate crime and discrimination legislation that includes criminal penalties for those that break the law. However, other states have passed legislation that explicitly bans legal recognition for any same sex relationships in addition to preventing the passage of legislation that prohibits discrimination or hate crimes against the LGBT community.

In addition, other countries have begun to address issues that effect the LGBT community. In fact, same sex couples have recently been allowed to be legally married in Mexico. In addition, transgender individuals are allowed to marry in Singapore as long as the couple is opposite sex. In contrast, some countries have passed laws that explicitly forbid same sex marriage. It appears that the Federal government in this country will be forced to address all of these issues on a national level.

In fact, they will either have to prohibit or allow legal same sex marriages, in order to avoid the continued nationwide conflict on the subject. Currently, states have the power to decide the issues for themselves. While some states enacted the Defense of Marriage Act, others have not explicitly forbidden the legal recognition of same sex marriage, but they have also not allowed it as of yet. Politics has a lot to do with each state's stance on same sex marriage. Generally, lawmakers in conservative states, push for the enactment of DOMA, as well as further laws that prohibit the legal recognition of same sex marriage.

In addition, many churches have taken an active stance against LGBT rights including the right to recognize any relationship between same sex couples. While Liberal states often enact laws that protect the rights of the LGBT community, including the right to marry. In addition, there are currently many reform movements that seek to enact progressive, but steady change in the LGBT movement. For example, the Jewish Reform movement has recognized the rights of the LGBT community, including the right to marry. Reform movements have been effective in bringing attention to the many issues that effect the LGBT community.

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