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The History of Same Sex Marriage

History Same Sex Marriage

The idea of legal recognition for same-sex marriage, has been around for some time. In fact, same-sex marriage has been around for a long time, without any form of legal recognition. In many cases, couples would have ceremonies to recognize their relationship, in the absence of any legal recognition. While same-sex marriages were not legally allowed or recognized, couples wished to have their relationships recognized by family and friends.

In fact, Chinese and European history are full of examples of ceremonies that recognized same-sex marriages. In addition, Roman culture is full of examples of same-sex marriage. For instance, Emperor Nero was married to one of his male slaves in a public ceremony. There are many further examples of ancient same-sex marriage.

However, more modern history is also full of examples of legally recognized same-sex marriage. In fact, Denmark was the first country to legally recognize same sex relationships in the form of registered, or domestic partnerships in 1989. The Netherlands was the first to legally recognize same-sex marriage.

Ancient history seems to show that same sex relationships were accepted in many cultures. There does not appear to have been any biased or discriminatory behavior towards same sex couples. In fact, many same sex couples would have public ceremonies to recognize their relationship.

In addition, royalty and higher class citizens were often found to be in publicly recognized same sex marriages. In many cases, royalty would marry slaves that were of the same sex. In fact, most historic examples included one higher class partner, marrying a same sex partner of the lower class.

While Denmark was the first country to offer legal recognition for same sex couples, the Netherlands was the first to legally recognize same-sex marriages in 2001. Currently same-sex marriages are legally recognized in at least a portion of approximately 12 countries worldwide.

For example, Norway and Sweden offer a legal recognition of same-sex marriages and afford couples the same rights and responsibilities generally conferred only to married couples. In addition Canada defined marriage as a union of two people in 2005. Therefore, same sex-marriage is now legal in Canada as well. Couples are able to enjoy all of the benefits or marriage, including the usage of the term marriage to recognize their relationship.

More recent history shows a slow societal acceptance of same sex relationships. However, the worldwide trend seems to be leaning toward a legal recognition of same-sex marriage. In fact, Mexico is the most recent country to recognize same-sex marriages.

Mexico is largely populated by Members of the Catholic church and it is generally believed that predominately Catholic countries, tend to avoid legal recognition of same sex relationships. However, Mexico is just one example of a trend toward worldwide acceptance of same-sex marriage. In fact, gay rights are finally becoming a priority in many countries.

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