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The Republican Platform On Gay Marriage

Politics Republican Platform

In some cases, republicans argue against gay marriage, but that is occurring with less frequency. In general, republicans are conservative and tend to take stances against gay rights and other controversial issues. However,there are republicans that support the legalization of gay marriage. News trends indicate a shift in support of gay marriage among all political parties.

In fact, many republicans are either mute on the subject or have changed their stance in order to avoid alienating voters. Republicans have noticed a large shift in public opinion and are not as vocal in speaking out against gay marriage.
News trends suggest that Republicans in liberal states, must be careful when having a staunch opinion against gay marriage. In fact, politicians have failed to be re-elected based largely on their opinions regarding gay rights and other issues that are generally considered to be liberal issues.

Some republicans offer very vocal support for civil unions and domestic partnerships, even when they are against gay marriage.This accomplishes two things. By supporting other legally recognized same sex relationships, republicans are taking gay rights into consideration. In addition, politicians are less likely to lose votes or alienate voters if they take a stance that appears to be on the middle ground.
Many politicians on both sides, will push for state referendums on big issues like the Defense of Marriage Act , in order to increase voter turn out. In fact, constituents are very likely to turn out for votes on such issues. By increasing voter turn out for their party, politicians also increase votes for other party issues.

For example, Presidents Bushes campaign in 2004, is said to have benefited from inclusion of the Defense of marriage Act on some state ballots, including Ohio. However, in more recent elections, voter support has leaned away from amendments like DOMA. in fact, voters are more likely to support amendments that offer some form of legal recognition for same sex relationships. In fact, Republicans can no longer count on party support for amendments that are against gay marriage.

In recent times, Republicans have learned that they can not count on issues such as the Defense of Marriage Act to increase voter turn out for their party. In fact, some Republicans have found that supporting such amendment actually hinders their campaign.

In addition, republicans have been losing the support of younger voters, who traditional tend to be in favor of gay marriage. News trends suggest that Republicans that are vocally against gay marriage, have been losing voter support at a higher rate than usual. In fact, such Republicans often become the victims of satire on news channels around the country, which in turn, hurts their party. Gay marriage news trends show that the issue has become too controversial for members of any political party to count on voters support.

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