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Know the Legal Rights of Domestic Partnership!

Domestic Partnership Legal Rights

When couples enter into a legally binding domestic partnership, they will receive a domestic partnership affidavit. The domestic partnership affidavit proves that they have legally entered into the relationship, much like a marriage certificate does.

Affidavits of domestic partnerships ensure that couples are entitled to all of the rights legally conferred upon their relationship. In some instances, couples must also register their domestic partnership, in order to have it formally recognized.

In some cases, couples will be able to acquire shared health benefits through an employer by showing proof of their domestic partnership affidavit to an employer. However, while employers may offer shared health benefits to these couples, they are not likely to be required to do so unless they are a state government agency.

Also, an affidavit of domestic partnership will attest to each partners responsibility for each other. For example, they are required to provide food and shelter for each other, and also become responsible for each others debts. In some sates, a domestic partnership affidavit will also allow partners to receive a legal separation.

In some states, that means that the couple is simply no longer responsible for each other. While some states allow for all of the benefits granted through divorce, such as separation payments and equal division of property. This distinction will depend greatly on state law.

Affidavits of domestic partnership often mirror marriage certificates and are proof of entitlement to many of the same legal rights. For example, couples may use their affidavit of domestic partnership as proof of entitlement to joint bank accounts or the ability to get a mortgage together. In addition, one partner may utilize an affidavit of domestic partnership for proof entitlement to a right to inherit property and assets.

In the absence of a will, that property would normally be transferred to the closest legal next of kin. In addition, partners may need to produce and affidavit of domestic partnership in order to receive visitation rights in a hospital or prison. Generally, only relatives are allowed to visit and same sex partners would not otherwise, be considered partners.

On the same token, an affidavit will allow a partner to make medical decisions that apply to the health care of their partner. Those rights are inclusive of medical procedures, life support and organ donation. In fact, an individual must produce a domestic partnership affidavit in order to be able to plan a funeral.

Affidavits of domestic partnership are utilized as proof that a couple has entered into a legally binding contract that recognizes their relationship in many of the same ways that marriage certificate does. A domestic partnerships allows couples access to the most basic rights that are generally reserved for married couples.

In addition, some states allow domestic partners access to all of the same rights as a married couple. Regardless of the level of afforded rights, same sex couples can at least have their relationship legally recognized.

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