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The Wonderful Benefits of Domestic Partnership

Domestic Partnership Benefits

There are many LGBT issues and many of those issues pertain to gay rights. In many cases gay rights are not equal to those afforded to the straight community. Currently, those that fight for gay rights have a big focus on the legal right of relationship recognition for same sex couples. There are many benefits to the legal recognition of same sex relationships including the acquisition of legal rights that are generally reserved for married couples.

In addition there are many social benefits associated with the legal recognition of same sex relationships. For one, there is the psychological aspect associated with recognition. Couples that are unable to have their relationship recognized, many feel that there is something wrong with the relationship. In fact, the psychological implications can be astounding. Also, legal domestic partners are able to enjoy many benefits associated with health care and employment that they would otherwise be unable to enjoy.

LGBT issues include issues that relate to health insurance and health care decisions. For example, couples that enter into a domestic partnership agreement are sometimes able to share health benefits and to make medical decisions regarding a partner's health care.

In many cases, states that have legal domestic partnerships, allow employers the opportunity to offer shared health care to employees and their partner. However, they are often not required to do so. In addition to shared health benefits, domestic partners are able to take part in one another's health care and any decisions associated with that care. In many cases, partners are the individuals that are most aware about their partner's wishes. Without the ability to make decisions regarding a partners health care, partners are often left without recourse if their partner's wishes are not followed.

LGBT issues also include certain areas of employment. In some cases, domestic partners may be entitled to death benefits when their partner passes away. For instance, some employers offer death benefits for their employees. In the past, same sex partners had no legal right to those benefits. However, registered domestic partners are often able to collect such benefits.

In addition, domestic partners are allowed to enjoy a workplace free of any discrimination that is based on their relationship. For example, employers must not deny paid bereavement time to same sex couples, if it offered to opposite sex couples. Gay rights should always equal those of the heterosexual community in the workplace.

There are many LGBT issues that many members of society are faced with. Gay rights are one of the biggest issues. In fact, currently, gay rights are seriously lacking in this country. By legalizing domestic partnerships and civil unions, the public affords a large population the opportunity to enjoy the equal rights they are entitled to.

The benefits associated with the legal recognition of same sex relationships, far outweigh the alleged detriment to society. LGBT issues should be considered by everyone, so that all citizens have the opportunity to enjoy equal rights.

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