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Watch Out for Physical Spousal Abuse

Types Of Spousal Abuse Physical

Studies of domestic violence show that spousal abusePhysical abuselow self esteem. They may fear loosing their spouse and therefore seek to establish control over them. In order to create and maintain this control, an individual may use violence and brutality as a means of instilling fear in their spouse. If an individual fears that they will be severely injured, then they will obey their husband or wife in order to avoid the pain and torment of abuse. An individual may increase the severity of the spousal abuse in order to maintain power.

They may suffer from extreme jealousy and they may prohibit their spouse from spending time with their family and friends. Their extensive possessiveness may cause them to have paranoid delusions about their spouse cheating, and as a punishment may subject them to beating. On their quest to establish control, a man or a woman may subject their spouse to severe physical injury or even death.

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