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The Truth About Children Who See Domestic Violence

Statistics Surrounding Children

Family violence statistics indicate that intimate partners are not the only individuals who need to worry about being subjected to domestic violence or abuse. Every year, millions of children witness domestic violence, and children are often subjected to abuse themselves. Witnessing domestic violence may have extremely negative consequences on a child's psychological and emotional development. Statistics indicate that children who witness domestic violence, and children who are subjected to child abuse may suffer from severe depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and behavior problems. Family violence statistics indicate that children who are subjected to domestic violence may display symptoms such as nightmares, chronic bed wetting, and trouble concentrating.

They may suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. Children who witness domestic violence and children who have suffered from child abuse are more likely to subject their partner or children to abuse in the future. When a child is witnessing domestic violence they are suffering from a type of psychological abuse. Living in an environment in which psychological abuse, physical violence, sexual assault, and economic abuse are taking place is very stressful for a child. They are constantly afraid for their own safety and for the safety of their loved one that is being subjected to abuse. This continuous anxiety is extremely detrimental to a child's development.

Family violence statistics indicate that children are subjected to violence and abuse much more frequently then most people believe. Children are usually in their home when they are subjected to domestic violence, and children are often abused by a parent or a family member. Like adults, children can be the victims of physical abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse.

It is very common for children to get caught in the middle of violent episodes and sustain extensive physical injuries as a result. In other instances, children are targeted as victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Family violence statistics indicate that hundreds of thousands of children are subjected to abuse and neglect every year. Thousands of children are killed due to the injuries that they sustain. Individuals who survive child abuse are likely to experience attachment disorders and problems trusting people. They may experience difficulty establishing intimate relationships in the future.

Statistics have also found that children who have been subjected to domestic violence are more likely to end up in prison as punishment for committing a violent crime. Children who have been subjected to, or who have witnessed domestic violence are also more likely to develop a substance abuse problem. Often, these individuals resort to drugs and alcohol to ease the psychological pain that they are experiencing. Exposing a child to domestic violence is extremely detrimental to the child's physical, psychological, mental, and emotional health.

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