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Understanding Domestic Violence Punishment

Domestic Violence Punishment

The sentencing of an individual convicted of domestic violence in the U.S. can vary widely in terms of the type and severity of the particular punishment chosen. As such, domestic violence abuse might be punished more or less severely based on the jurisdiction for sentencing. That being said, what degree of regularity may be found in domestic violence sentencing derives from the federal domestic violence abuse laws passed.

The primary federal framework for domestic violence prosecution comprises the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. This legislation went into effect as the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act’s Title IV, Sections 40001-40703. Offenders against Sections 2261, Interstate Travel to Commit Domestic Violence, 2261A, Interstate Stalking, and 2262, Interstate Travel to Violate an Order of Protection, can receive prison terms ranging from 5 years to life. Criminal Laws contains additional information on violent crimes in the U.S.

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