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Do You Need a Restraining Order?

Restraining Order

Obtaining a restraining order can help to protect an individual from stalking, threats, and domestic violence. In the event that an individual has been threatened, feels threatened, or has been the victim of domestic abuse, he/she should obtain a restraining order to help protect him/her from the offender. To petition for a restraining order, an individual must obtain all necessary forms from his/her local court.

It is important that he/she complete these forms thoroughly and accurately. He/she should ensure that he/she keeps any associated evidence. For instance, if he/she was abused, he/she should provide photographs of the resulting injuries and contacting information for any witnesses that observed the incident. If he/she is being stalking, he/she can keep a record of the number of times that the offender contacts him/her.

If contacted through e-mail, mail, text message, or voice mail, an individual should keep this evidence and give it to the judge. An individual may be required to authorize his/her petition in the presence of a public notary. The judge will then review his/her statement and evidence to determine whether a restraining order is warranted.

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