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The Responsibility Stage of Battered Women's Syndrome


After a victim of the domestic violence cycle recognizes that the offender is at fault for the abuse, it is only a matter of time before the victim understands the necessity of escaping the abusive relationship. This phase of battered women's syndrome is known as the responsibility stage. When a victim accepts that their abuser is responsible for the domestic violence cycle that they have been subjected to, they are acknowledging that their abusive husband is dangerous and aggressive. They may begin to understand that remaining in their current environment may be extremely detrimental to their health and their well being.

If a victim of domestic violence continues to reside with an abusive husband they may be subjected to further violence and brutality. It is very common for the domestic violence cycle to increase in severity as time progresses. If a victim of abuse does not escape their violent relationship, then what started as small incidents of violence may increase to severe physical brutality. This may result is irreversible and extensive physical damage and even death. If children are also living in the harmful environment, they may experience severe psychological and emotional consequences due to the violence that they have witnessed.

In other instances, children may become targets of violence or they may become caught in between an episode of violence and may sustain physical injury. If a victim remains in home with an abusive husband both her health and her children's health may be at risk. During this stage of battered women's syndrome, a victim may begin to understand the consequences of remaining in this adverse environment.

They may also notice that the abuser is not able to stop displaying violent and aggressive behavior. They will begin to understand that remaining in their current situation will result in further exposure to the domestic violence cycle. As a victim begins to acknowledge that the abuse will not end and that they will be subjected to further violence, the victim will begin to fully acknowledge the necessity of escaping the detrimental relationship.

During the responsibility stage of battered women's syndrome, a victim will refuse to continue to submit to the domestic violence cycle that they were being subjected to. They will decide that they want to begin a new life free of their abusive husband. However, during this stage victims of domestic violence may experience some problems and complications. Research indicates that victims of abuse are most at risk for severe physical brutality and death when they make the decisions to end the relationship.

Therefore, women who choose to escape a violent relationship should ensure that they take all of the proper precautions in order to keep themselves safe. They may find it beneficial to keep their decisions confidential until they have made all of the necessary arrangements. This may help to decrease the opportunities that an offender has in order inflict abuse upon their victim. Women who have decided to leave an abusive husband may want to contact their state domestic violence hotline or local battered women's shelter in order to receive advice, assistance, and support.

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