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The Guilt Stage of Battered Women's Syndrome


The second stage of battered wife syndrome is guilt. Once a victim of intimate partner abuse has acknowledged that they are being subjected to domestic violence, they often experience feelings of severe guilt and shame. A battered wife may feel that she is responsible for the behavior of her spouse. This is often because the offender has utilized manipulative techniques in order to convince their victim that they have caused the abuse. The abuser may constantly blame their battered partner for the behavior that they are displaying.

They may declare that the victim's negative characteristics have driven them to use physical violence. The abuser may claim that if the victim were different then they would not have to resort to such harsh behavior. They may cite ridiculous causes for the abuse. They may claim that the victim's inability to effectively keep the house tidy deserves punishment. If the victim cleaned more thoroughly then they would not be battered.

A perpetrator may subject a victim to abuse if the victim communicates with individuals that the abuser does not approve of. The offender may convince the victim that they are too flirtatious and amorous, and therefore they must subject the victim to abuse in order to teach them the proper way to interact with other individuals. The offender will constantly defame the victim's character in order to convince their battered partner that their faults are the cause of the abuse. A victim of battered wife syndrome may begin to believe the negative comments of their abuser.

It is very common for battered individuals to experience extremely detrimental effects of domestic violence. Individuals who are suffering from battered wife syndrome may develop adverse psychological disorders, including severe depression. These disorders will make it difficult for a victim to stand up for themselves. They may experience a loss of interest, and they may feel physically and psychologically exhausted.

Often, individuals who are experiencing battered wife syndrome have submitted to the suggestions of their abuser. In many cases, individuals who are being subjected to abuse and maltreatment develop extremely low self esteem. They are unable to see and acknowledge the good qualities in themselves. When this is coupled with demeaning comments from their abuser it is very easy for a victim to honestly believe that the abuse is their fault.

They will be convinced that they did something to cause the violence that they were subjected to. Individuals who are experiencing the guilt stage of battered wife syndrome often do not place any blame on their abuser. They do not believe that their abuser is at fault for the harm that they subjected the victim to. The victim will maintain the mentality that the offender was reacting properly to their defects.

She will conclude that if she were able to live up to her partner's expectations, then she would not experience domestic violence. Individuals who are in this stage of battered wife syndrome will not report the abuse they are experiencing. This is because they will feel guilty for causing their abuser to receive repercussions for behavior that is not his fault.

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