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The Enlightenment Stage of Battered Women's Syndrome


Once a victim moves past the guilt stage, and abused woman will progress to enlightenment. During this stage of battered women's syndrome, the victim begins to understand the truth about the violence that they are being subjected to, and they may consider seeking domestic violence help. It is during this phase that an abused woman will recognize that she is not responsible for the domestic violence that she was subjected to. She will begin to understand that the abuse is not a result of any negative characteristics that she possesses.

An abused woman will begin to recognize that the claims that her abuser made in order to condone the psychical violence were ridiculous and absurd. Her cleaning ability and the way that she interacts with other individuals does not justify the use of physical violence and brutality. During this phase a victim will acknowledge that no one deserves to be subjected to physical violence. There is no excuse for that type of behavior. An abused woman will begin to confront the violence that she has been subjected to instead of denying that it has occurred.

She will also stop blaming herself for the abuse that she suffered from and may begin to recognize the necessity of finding domestic violence help. During this stage, a victim will stop making excuses in order to rationalize the behavior of their partner. The abuse is not a result of stress and anxiety. An abused woman will begin to understand that their partner is a violent and aggressive individual.

They will acknowledge that the violent events that hey have experienced are not isolated incidents and that they are part of a pattern of behavior. The victim may realize that unless they receive domestic violence help, the brutality will continue and may increase in severity. They may also start to recognize the detrimental effects of the abuse that they are being subjected to. Despite these realizations, abused women will not attempt to escape a harmful relationship during this stage of battered women's syndrome.

Although victims of abuse now understand that the domestic violence that they are experiencing is unacceptable and is the fault of their abuser, the victim will decide to remain in the relationship. There are many reasons that a victim of intimate partner abuse will choose to remain in an unhealthy environment. In many cases, it is fear that drives them to stay. They may be afraid that if they attempt to escape their abuser they will be exposed to further brutality and life threatening violence.

However, in the case of battered women's syndrome, victims often rationalize remaining in detrimental relationships by convincing themselves that their partner will change. They may believe that if their partner receives domestic violence help that the offender will be able to alter their behavior and will no longer be violent and aggressive.

A victim of domestic violence may also claim that she is remaining with an abusive partner for the benefit of the children. Whatever the reason, during this stage a battered woman will remain committed to salvaging her relationship. In most cases, abusers are repeat offenders. In an individual subjects their partner to abuse it is likely that they will continue to do so. Therefore, it is essential that an individual who is being subjected to cruelty seek domestic violence help.

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