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The Denial Stage of Battered Women's Syndrome


The first stage of battered women's syndrome is denial Denial occurs when an individual refuses to believe in reality. When a woman is being subjected to the cycle of abuse they might not realize that they are suffering from domestic violence. Abusive men are extremely manipulative and cunning. They often employ a variety of techniques in order to convince their partner that they are not suffering from abuse. These techniques are coercive and may make an abused women feel as if they are crazy. Often, the cycle of abuse increases in severity as time progresses.

Therefore, what begins as verbal and emotional abuse may end with extensive physical violence. Victims of abuse may not realize that they are in relationships with abusive men because the acts of abuse that they experience may be extremely covert during the beginning of a relationship. This behavior may involve the use of psychological abuse, including humiliation, belittling, and threats.

Abusive men may try to establish control over their victim by isolating them from their friends and family. They may use manipulative and stealthy techniques in order to accomplish this. For example, abusive men may declare that out of love and respect for them, their partner should not spend time with the friends and the family members that the perpetrator does not like. The abuser may claim that the specified individuals are rude and impertinent to them, and that they do not appreciate their behavior.

This is one deceitful method that abusive man may utilize in order to ensure that their victim looses contact with the people that they used to be close with. In situations such as this, it is very common for a victim to be unaware that they are being subjected to psychological abuse. However isolation is one of the common warning sign of an abusive individual. It helps to guarantee that a victim no longer maintains their support system.

Over time, the cycle of abuse will become worse and the abuser may become more controlling. Relatively small and occasional incidents of violence may begin to occur, such as pushing and slapping. Abusive men may blame stress and anxiety due to work and finances for these episodes. They may also insist that these episodes of violence will never occur again.

At this stage of the cycle of abuse, an individual may still be unaware that they are experiencing domestic violence. They may experience fear and anxiety when they are around their partner, but they may not understand why. In instances such as this, it is common for a victim to convince themselves that the occasional violent events are isolated incidents and that their partner is not abusive.

Individuals who are being subjected to the cycle of abuse may subconsciously understand that they are suffering from domestic violence, but they may be unwilling or unable to acknowledge this and admit it to themselves. This is often due to the fear that acknowledging domestic violence will cause them to suffer from further brutality.

A victim who is experiencing the denial stage of battered women's syndrome will often make excuses for her partner’s behavior. She will not tell anyone that she is being subjected to domestic violence and she will even refuse to admit the abuse to herself. She will deny that she is experiencing any problems with her intimate partner and she will continue to act as if everything is fine, even though it is not.

Denial is extremely detrimental because it will cause a victim to remain in an abusive relationship. Until an individual acknowledges the abuse that they are being subjected to, they cannot seek assistance for their harmful situation.

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