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Can Domestic Violence Happen to Men?

Against Men

A great deal of attention is being focused on domestic violence against womendomestic abuse studiesvictimizedsubstance abuse problem. Women who are suffering from a mental illness or a personality disorder are also more likely to subject a man to abuse. In some instances, women will subject their partner to violence and brutality if they fail to meet unrealistic expectations.

Abused men may suffer from various forms of domestic violence, including physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and economic abuse. In most cases of domestic abuse, abused men are the victims of extensive psychological and emotional abuse. A woman may constantly belittle, condemn, and humiliate their partner as a method of establishing control. In many instances of domestic violence against men both partners subject each other to slapping and hitting.

A couple who is taking part in this behavior may not understand that they are subjecting each other to domestic abuse. Abused men will often be subjected to beatings, punching, and pushing by violent and angry partners. Often, women who are responsible for domestic violence against men will utilize tools and weapons in order to inflict their brutality. The use of bats, knives, and other harmful objects may compensate for the disparity in strength. Abused men often die due to domestic violence and abuse. In some cases, a man may be killed by their ex-girlfriend's or ex-wife's new partner. Whatever the cause and the motive of domestic violence, abused men deserve a voice just as much as abused women do.

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